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Whether you want to buy your first or additional home in Abilene, Texas, or its surroundings, you will always have questions. Thankfully, Sendero Properties, LLC seeks to ensure that the property buying process does not overwhelm you by providing detailed responses to each of your concerns. Contact us whenever you have a question, and we will gladly assist.

Meanwhile, take a closer look at some of the frequently asked questions for homebuyers about the agency:

Frequently Asked Questions

From the start (online searches) to finish (closing escrow), the home buying process takes about 10 to 12 weeks. After choosing a property for sale and accepting your offer, it takes anywhere between 30 and 45 days to close on a home. That is assuming the market conditions are average. Even so, well-prepared home buyers who pay cash often buy their properties faster than that as they do not wait to be pre-approved.
Sendero Properties, LLC will handle virtually everything involved in the property buying process. We will be your most valuable asset and guide you through every aspect of the home purchasing process. Most importantly, we will represent you throughout the transaction and beyond. Whether educating you on mortgage pre-approval, keeping you informed of events, overseeing the home inspection etc., count on us to offer seamless assistance for every aspect of your home purchase.
The country average for down payments is 11% of the purchase price. That figure applies to both first-time and repeat buyers. While 11% is the average, first-time homebuyers normally put down between 3 and 5% on a property, as many first-time buyer programs do not require substantial down payments.
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We are here to ensure that you find the perfect property that suits your needs. On average, buyers will view hundreds of homes online but see ten properties in person before writing an offer. If you want to refine or narrow down your search, contact us.

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Buying is a significant endeavor, and that is why you need to do due diligence from the start to the end. Sendero Properties, LLC takes pride in serving clients by delivering exceptional service.

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